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Wire Sawing

Large, expansive areas are cut with wire saws. 

Wire Sawing Services

Cut Large, Thick Sections of Concrete or Steel Structures

Wire sawing is a flexible sawing technique that can be used to cut large, thick sections of concrete or steel structures.

Wire sawing is said to have started in the stone quarries of Europe.  Wire sawing is a faster and more cost effective alternative to demolition methods.

Diamond Wire and Guide Pulleys

Wire sawing uses a system of guide pulleys that draws a continuous loop of diamond wire through a cut.  Constant pressure is produced as the drive wheel is slowly moved away from the cut causing the wire to cut into the piece as it spins around.  Large expansive areas of concrete can be cut using this method.

Wire Sawing Applications

Wire sawing applications include removing large sections of heavily reinforced concrete such as:

  • piers

  • towers

  • bridge sections

  • underwater structures

Wire sawing is also great for concrete and metal cutting in areas where work space is restricted. 

Wire Sawing Advantages

This advanced method of concrete and metal cutting offers many advantages including:

  • no vibration

  • no dust 

  • no disruption to neighboring operations greatly reducing costly downtime.

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