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True Line Coring & Cutting of Maryland, Inc. is a Maryland based company with the capability to work where ever needed within the continental United States. 


Industries We Serve

We service the Governmental, Construction, Commercial and Industrial Markets; with extensive experience in

  • Nuclear Plants

  • Fossil Fuel Plants

  • Hydro Power Plants

  • Refineries

  • Hospitals 


We are able to provide concrete cutting services in restricted areas due to our thorough background investigation and stringent pre-employment requirements of all employees. True Line Coring & Cutting of Maryland, Inc. has the ability to access secure and classified areas, including federal, state and local government facilities that other organizations cannot gain access. In addition, we regularly service general contractors, plumbers, electrical trades, demolition companies and residential contractors.


Customer Satisfaction is Our Mission

Our mission is, and always has been, our customers satisfaction - we have accomplished this by our prompt response time, aggressive approach to servicing our customers needs and solving all challenges in the areas of concrete saw cutting and concrete demolition:

Large Inventory of Equipment and Self-Contained Service

With our techniques and modern up-to-date tools we can create openings that were very dangerous or impossible in the past. We also provide the convenience of completely self-contained service. 


True Line Coring and Cutting of Maryland has one of the largest inventories of specialized concrete cutting equipment in the nation to meet every condition and requirement.  We thrive and shine when presented with working conditions others find challenging.


We cut, core, break & remove concrete to any specification.  We don't require on-site power or water.  We work in any environment - wet or dry, hot or cold, day or night. 


Concrete Cutting Services in Dangerous Environments

If the atmosphere is potentially explosive, as in some explosive or hazardous areas or in grain silos, our specialized skills & equipment assure a safe, speedy, clean job and complete customer satisfaction.


When you choose True Line Coring & Cutting of Maryland, Inc. you are partnering with a company that has been delivering competitive prices and on-time job completion since 2003. Our service and credentials, combined with our commitment to quality and safety, make True Line Coring & Cutting of Maryland, Inc. the right choice for your concrete cutting and core drilling needs.

True Line Coring & Cutting of Maryland, Inc. is owned by Heath Morgan and Bobby Lundy. Both gentlemen take pride in their company's performance and reputation. Heath and Bobby believe in a "hands on policy and are directly involved in every project. Heath and Bobby have experience in the construction industry since the late 1980's, the field of saw cutting, wire sawing, core drilling and demolition.


True Line has shown great flexibility in accommodating our difficult and always changing schedule. In addition to the changing schedule, you have managed the demanding access requirements along with limited access and minimal support to complete the task on time.
Your past performance has assured Clark/Kiewit that True Line can be called upon to accomplish work that meets or exceeds our expectations.

Demolition Services
True Line has been a pleasure to work with. They get the job done in a timely manner and their employees are well qualified. In addition to that, the staff in the office, from the owner down, are genuinely good people. It is very hard to find that these days!
We would recommend their services to anyone as we were very pleased with their work and professionalism! We will continue to use them for future jobs that we have as well.

True Line has ALWAYS been there when they said they would. They have proven again and again to be the only choice for us whether it is core drilling the smallest holes to saw cutting out massive pieces of concrete. They really make you feel as if even the smallest jobs are just as important as the big ones.  
Their techs are some of the best in the business and all have the “can do” attitude that is required in our line of work. I honestly cannot say enough good things about this company.

The Kimball Construction Team
True Line Coring & Cutting of Maryland, Inc. has always provided prompt service at a reasonable cost.
Their knowledge and high standard of quality and safety – whether the project is concrete saw cutting, core drilling or robotic demolition, True Line is a leader in their field. 
Thanks for your great service and dependability.

Mitchell Plumbing & Heating
True Line has been doing work for Mitchell Plumbing and Heating, Inc for 4 years. They have performed saw cutting, removal and core drilling.
I,am the owner and president of Mitchell Plumbing and Heating, Inc. and find True Line to be very dependable efficient and able to work well with others.
I will use no other company but True Line for all of our work.

Mechanical, Inc.
I would like to thank you for your timely response at Cadillac Ranch.
Your guys finished today and I must say they were professionals both in work ethic and manner.
I would highly recommend your company to all my customers.
I am looking forward to working with you in the future.

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