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Robotic Demolition

Demolition robots can be placed in tight spaces.

Robotic Demolition Services

Remote Controlled Demolition Robot

Due to all the advancements and progress in technology we now have access to the BROKK demolition robot. This technological advancement is a remote controlled breaking machine used in demolition.

Robotic demolition offers:

  • Exceptional operator safety  because the machine is operated with a remote control.

  • No exhaust fumes.

  • Able to perform interior demolition in tight spaces, accessing areas that other machines cannot, including single man doors and most elevators.

  • More powerful concrete breaking than a similar sized backhoe breaker.

  • Multiple attachments for demolition including: digging buckets, shears, processors, grapples and concrete cutters.

Safe in Tight Spaces

The BROKK demolition robot can work in tight spaces and it can maneuver stairs during the demolition process. The front and rear outriggers provide stability in uneven situations therefore ensuring safety of personnel.

Capabilities of the Demolition Robot

  • Excavate down to 9' deep with an arm extension

  • Demolish walls up to 18' in height

  • Crusher applications up to 12" thick walls/floors

  • Interior trenches 12", 18" & 24" widths

Robotic demolition has proven to be the safest and the most efficient method of concrete removal.

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