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Wall Sawing 

Wall sawing is versatile and cuts at precise angles.

Wall Sawing Services

Diamond Blade Mounted on Wall Saw

Wall sawing uses a diamond blade mounted on a track system that is attached to horizontal walls or steep inclines where a slab saw cannot be used whether due to safety or impracticality. Wall saws are powered with hydraulic or electric power and are also referred to as concrete track saws. 


Portable and Easy to Set-up

The wall saw is highly portable and has easy set-up to save the customer valuable money and time.  Track mounted saws are operated manually or with remote control, providing an even safer work environment.

This tool is very versatile and is used for delivering saw cuts at precise angles, for inverted sawing and sawing below water lines.

Smooth Finish

Unlike other methods of demolition, wall sawing leaves a smooth finish that is ready for installation of

  • Door openings

  • Jams

  • Window Openings

  • Louvers

  • Vents

Walls cut with wall saws can be cut on any angle and to any shape or size. Cutting depth of True Line's wall saws are up to 33" from one side.


Using a wall saw typically leaves the remaining structure unharmed. 

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