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Coring & Cutting Safety


As true leaders in the concrete cutting industry, we implement our very own Advanced Operator Training program. This is an informative and hands on experience twice a year.

We utilize existing equipment within the facilities to introduce safety, proper operation and proper maintenance.  This program covers core drilling, wall sawing, hand sawing, wire sawing and flat sawing. We utilize different machines from small hand grinders to 110 hp wire saws to everything in between. There are no preferences to manufacturers or age of the equipment.  With the help of Diamond Products, ICS, Husqvarna, and Hilti being present at all the classes, we have established a non competitive, truly educational experience for all involved.

In addition to the equipment training, there is extensive classroom time with our Safety Director. We supply all of the elements and hazards of the job site and past history of Claims and Near Misses within the industry. We work together with OSHA to include in the program all of the elements required for OSHA 30 Certification for all eligible Operators.

This training is invaluable to our industry and to the Operators whether they are life long employees or just passing through, we are assured that they have been trained and know the safest way to do their job in the future. This way everyone can go home in one piece every night.

True Line Coring & Cutting of Maryland, Inc. prides itself on our comprehensive safety program which ensures the success of our clients' projects while maintaining a high safety standard to ensure job site health and safety of our onsite personnel. It employs pre-hire screening, extensive training and the mindset of safety in every action.

The safety and health of every employee is a high priority. Management accepts responsibility for providing a safe working environment and employees are expected to take responsibility for performing work in accordance with safe standards and practices. Safety and health will only be achieved through teamwork. Everyone must join together in promoting safety and health and taking every reasonable measure to assure safe working conditions in the company and on the job site.

Pre-hire Screening

Before being hired, candidates must pass a rigorous background check, drug testing and physical which includes the HPE (Human Performance Evaluation). Those who pass this initial evaluation must then be reviewed and approved by our Safety Manager.


Initial Training

All new hires must go through a new hire orientation before they enter on the job field training with an experienced, knowledgable crew leader.


Continuous Training

New hires in addition to our seasoned operators & helpers alike continue to receive training in all aspects & facets of safe operating procedures.  This includes but is not limited to site specific training, toolbox safety talks, OSHA certified training, forklift & aerial lift training, week long training courses thrice yearly.


Random drug and alcohol testing ensures continued compliance from our employees regarding our Alcohol and Drug Free employment requirement.

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