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Cutting, Coring & Concrete Demolition

True Line Coring & Cutting of Maryland, Inc., is a concrete cutting, coring and concrete demolition contractor, providing services in Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia and the Mid Atlantic Coast region. 
True Line Coring & Cutting has in-house ability to gpr scan, saw, cut, core drill and demolish surfaces for large projects, as well as, the smaller projects.
24/7 Service - Security Clearance for Personnel
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Concrete demolition with BROKK machines, remote-controlled robots are safe and efficient for tight and dangerous spaces.
Diamond blade wall saws mounted on a track system that cut straight, clean and up to 24" thick safely on walls, floor slabs and stairs.
Wire sawing, an advanced cutting method is used for cutting piers, towers, bridge sections and concrete greater than 24" thick.
We core drill holes to create openings in asphalt and concrete with sizes ranging from 3/4" up to 70".
Flat Sawing or slab sawing is best for large and small horizontal concrete surfaces and structures.
Hand sawing cuts depths up to 24", for HVAC, electrical and plumbing openings in walls.
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Concrete GPR Scanning

Using specialized, non-destructive equipment to locate and identify objects such as rebar, post tension cables, conduits, and piping embedded within concrete.


Concrete Cutting near Washiington DC picture | TruelLine Coring & Cutting

We service the Governmental, Construction, Commercial and Industrial Markets. We have extensive experience in

  • Nuclear Plants

  • Fossil Fuel Plants

  • Hydro Power Plants

  • Refineries

  • Hospitals. 


Access to Secure and Classified Areas

After completing a thorough background investigation and stringent pre-employment requirements, our employees are granted access to secure and classified areas where many other companies are not capable of accessing.


Our access includes:

  • Federal Government

  • State Government

  • Local Government


Additionally we regularly service general contractors, plumbers, electrical trades, demolition companies and residential contractors.

We Can Work in Most Environments

We cut, core, break & remove concrete to any specification.  We don't require on-site power or water.  We can work in most any environment;  wet or dry, hot or cold, day or night. 


If the atmosphere is potentially explosive, as in some volatile areas or in grain silos, our specialized skills & equipment assure a safe, speedy, clean job and complete customer satisfaction.


Competitive Pricing and On-Time Job Completion

When you choose True Line Coring & Cutting of Maryland, Inc. you are partnering with a company that has been delivering competitive prices and on-time job completion since 2004.


Our service and credentials, combined with our commitment to quality and safety, make True Line Coring & Cutting of Maryland, Inc. the right choice for your concrete cutting, core drilling and concrete demolition needs.

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