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Core Drilling

Create holes with core drilling - 3/4" to 70" in any setting.

Core Drilling Services

Cost Effective Way to Create Openings

Core drilling is one of the most cost effective ways to create openings.


Concrete core drill holes are clean, round penetrations into and/or through concrete where overcuts or excessive concrete removal is not acceptable. 


Holes of up to 70" in diameter can be performed to virtually any depth.

Core Drilling Applications

Modern core drill holes are typically used for:

  • floor drains

  • sewer drain and tie-ins

  • HVAC openings

  • phone/electrical/cable/fiber optic openings

  • handrail and anchor holes

  • obtaining samples for aggregate analysis.

We have the most powerful concrete drilling equipment available, giving us the ability to core drill holes inside, outside, above ground, below ground and under water.

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