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Hand Sawing Services

Professionally Trained Operators

Our professionally trained operators can make penetrations through concrete structures making square corner, eliminating overcuts and reducing patchwork. 

In the concrete cutting industry, the chain saw is used when no overcuts are required, which is to say the surrounding structural or decorative concrete is not harmed or affected in any way, or when wall sawing is not an option due to limited space.


The chain saw is a "plunge cut" saw that is capable of cutting depths up to 24".

Hand sawing is mostly used to cut:

  • electrical

  • plumbing

  • HVAC openings

Concrete cutting is common in wall areas, and in ventilation and air conditioning openings.

Hand sawing is the fast, clean, efficient way to complete a job.

We are always looking for hard-working employees. We'll provide the training.

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