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Flat Sawing / Slab Sawing

True Line of Maryland is flat sawing for renovations and repairs to Reflection Pool near Lincoln Memorial.

Flat or Slab Sawing Services

concrete cutting | True Line MD picture

Cut Large Horizontal Concrete Surfaces and Structures

This is the preferred method for saw cutting of large horizontal concrete surfaces and structures, such as:

  • bridge decks

  • airport runways

  • roadways

  • floor areas. 


This is also the method used when trenching is necessary or required.

Diamond Blade Mounted on a Walk Behind Unit

Flat or slab sawing features a diamond blade that is mounted on a walk behind unit and requires only one operator.  Units are powered by either gas, diesel, hydraulic or electric.

Powered by Electric or Hydraulic

True Line Coring & Cutting of Maryland, Inc. uses electric and hydraulic powered equipment which is designed for inside areas where no exhaust is allowed, such as:

  • shopping malls

  • hospitals

  • food preparation areas


Flat or slab sawing are the workhorses of the cutting industry and are an efficient means of cutting through any aggregate.  Flat sawing or slab sawing is fast and efficient and typically other contracting work can be performed simultaneously virtually uninterrupted.

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